About Elsa

I am the daughter of Salvadoran refugees. Born in Toronto, Canada, I grew up in a low-income, yet diverse community of immigrants in north Toronto.

My interest in law started when my father got injured at work while working as a labourer. Like many Latino and immigrant workers, my parents supported our family through manual labour. Along my journey to law school, my fierce activism for social justice grew.

I graduated with a J.D. (Juris Doctor) degree from the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Common Law in 2017. Afterwards, I articled (clerkship-equivalent in Canada) at an union-side labour firm in Ottawa. My career in human rights was on a roll – until I got sick with depression and severe anxiety. I took a sabbatical to focus on health, family, and my true creative spirit. I finally passed my Ontario bar exams in 2019 and I’m expected to be called to the bar soon.

Learning to prioritize my mental health has been a transformative experience. Returning back into the legal profession, I’ve started my activism again by voicing a greater need for diversity in law. I’ve since been interviewed by New York Magazine and Toronto Star. I set up this blog as a source of community for fellow Latinx and POC in law, and breaking down the stigma of mental health. Note, I write from a Latinx navigating Canadian law; but for my American & global followers, I try keep my themes universal for everyone.

The views in this blog represent my own views and not the views of my employer or associated organizations.